Another bus is destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces

January 15, the representatives of the Ukrainian armed forces near Dokuchaevsk fired the bus with the workers of one of the DPR plants. As a result, one person was killed (female, 45 years) and seven were seriously injured.
In the bus were the workers of the Dolomite mill in Dokuchayevsk, they were returning home from the tour.
The President of the DPR National Council Andrey Purgin. reported about it today, January 16.
«Yesterday, a shell hit the bus with 23 workers of Dolomite mill in Dokuchayevsk, the woman was killed, and seven men were hospitalized in serious condition,» said the speaker.
Purgin also added that last night four more civilians were killed during the shelling of Petrovsky district of Donetsk by Ukrainian militaries. According to the Chairman of the people’s Council, the tension is observed in almost the entire line of contact of the Ukrainian armed forces with the militia of DPR.

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