Ukrainian militaries use the «flowers of death» against militias and civilians

Donetsk surgeon-cardiologist Professor Alexander Kuznetsov gathered actual evidence of the use of the prohibited cluster projectiles by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Very often the Donbass surgeons had to extract from the bodies of militiamen the shells, which are similar to a needle with wings – an iron arrow. One of the victims had it stuck near the pulmonary artery, and surgeons barely managed to save his life.

But the most subtle shells are the so-called «flowers of death.» Alexander Kuznetsov has collected lots of them. They are called expanding bullets. Such bullets are able to expand, increasing its original diameter when injected into the soft tissue of human body. Expanding bullets are disclosing inside like a flower, and that’s why they are called the «flowers of death.»

The use of such bullets in the armed conflict is prohibited because of their «excessive cruelty», but such bullets are widely used today by hunters, for example.

In fact, the expanding bullets have two interrelated goals. They increase the diameter of the bullet at the entrance to the objective that provides the maximum tissue damage in human body, a strong pain shock and a great loss of blood.

They were prohibited on the basis of the Declaration, which was adopted in Hague in 1899.

The resolution also included reference to experts in wound ballistics, who were recommended to develop a standardized international methodology of monitoring and evaluation of ballistic parameters, as well as the damaging effect of small-caliber and high velocity bullets.
But the Ukrainian militaries are above the law.

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